Hi Maintenance – Part 1

London is world class city with all of the services and treatments that one would find in New York but I have yet to find them all at the equivalent level of my New York favorites that don’t cost a fortune.  Admittedly my friends in New York have helped me cultivate my list of favorites from my hair stylist (who I absolutely adore), aesthetician, manicurist, brow tech/make up artist and more through trial, error and referral. I don’t have as extensive a network in London to help me find the best of the best and therefore I’m relatively low maintenance and more DIY in London. For me a trip to New York always includes a full day of “maintenance” appointments.

I woke up like this... literally!
I woke up like this… literally!

When I moved to London my skin reacted to the stress and hard water with a major acne break out from which my skin is still recovering so the first order of business during my trip to New York was a facial at Mario Badescu.  The skilled aesthetician quickly assessed my skin’s condition and recommended the gold mask to compliment my European facial.  The irony that I had traveled from London to New York to have a European facial did not miss me.

Time for a facial at Mario Badescu
Time for a facial at Mario Badescu

I quickly relaxed in the comfortable chair as she cleaned my skin and steamed open my pores to extract all of my sins.  She applied the gold mask and left me to relax and that was exactly what I did.  She returned after what felt like the perfect power nap to reveal my bright new complexion. After little more than an hour, I left feeling refreshed and pampered for the price of a nice meal and a cocktail or two at any well-heeled restaurant.  I also restocked and tried a few products for at home maintenance which are as affordable as many upscale drugstore products.

Selfie game strong for this shot, lol
Selfie game strong for this shot, lol
Sorry I couldn't get a clearer shot of the gold mask in this low lighting
Sorry I couldn’t get a clearer shot of the gold mask in this low lighting

No matter where you travel or live I absolutely recommend spending a little time and money to pamper yourself. I’d love to hear your tips for places and products that you like to maintain a healthy glow.

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