Go Shawty, it’s your birthday!

On Sunday we will celebrate my son’s 6th birthday with a weekend trip to Dublin. The location was his choice as was Paris for my daughter’s birthday. To keep this in perspective, we didn’t always travel to celebrate our birthdays but since moving to London we’ve used it as a great excuse to travel to the places that we want to visit anyway. We will not always be in the position to take advantage of our proximity to explore Europe so easily so we are taking full advantage of the opportunity while it lasts…anything else would be a waste in my opinion.


I’ve heard comments from “they won’t remember going to all of these places when they grow up” to “if you celebrate their birthdays at 6 and 8 with international travel then what will you do when they turn 13?”  To that I say that while they will not remember the details of every place we’ve been (I don’t as an adult), the experience of traveling has opened our minds and hearts in a way that can never be closed. Who knows what we’ll do when they’re 13 but whatever experience that I may want to save for the future is not promised.  Hopefully we’ll be in a position to travel then, even if just to a neighboring city but for now “wheels up!”


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