Top it off!

I could hear the wind blowing before I got out of bed this morning reminding me not to get too comfortable with the mild weather that we’ve been having; it’s still winter. This gave me the perfect excuse to revisit a few of my favorite accessories…hats, wide brimmed hats to be specific. I never used to wear hats, even on the coldest days. I was always concerned about messing up my hairstyle but that all changed a year and a half ago.

I remember the moment when I fell in love…it was June 2014 when I travelled to London to scout homes and schools in advance of my relocation. I strolled into H&M on Regent Street and spotted a grey wool, wide brimmed hat; I tried it on and it was just like magic, I fell in love with hats.   I didn’t wear the hat until the Fall of 2014 and I haven’t looked back. Now a year and a half and several hats later I see no end in sight to my love affair with hats. It’s the perfect cure for a bad hair day and instantly ups the ante of any basic outfit.

These 3 are currently in rotation for winter 2015/2016 and each was under $50.



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