I’m back!

I took a bit of an accidental hiatus from my blog but I’m back with fresh inspiration. Over the past few months I had been focused on creating a change in my career as I transition from one role to another at my firm and the discussions that it spawned within my family about our future in London. We are approaching our two year anniversary as expats and we originally only planned on living here for two to three years, however we are just feeling settled and looking forward to extending our time here.

After I packed my desk and said “see you laters” to my former team yesterday, I woke up this morning with new energy to bring closure to lingering decisions like finalizing our summer holiday plans and focusing on defining my strategy for how to be successful in my new role. It’s amazing how action inspires action and how transitions create new energy.

I wasn’t too busy or didn’t have the time before but I felt as though all of my conscious and subconscious mental energy was consumed with manifesting this goal and creating a shift. It might look like business as usual on my Instagram account with photos of travels and fun times over the past several weeks and months but I felt mentally exhausted, like a battery that couldn’t hold its charge. I wasn’t sleeping well, working out required an extra mental push and I gained a few pounds.

I am excited by the new mental energy that I have and the changes that it will bring. My friends that have seen me in this space before know to look out because something is definitely coming.

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