Royal Ascot


Yesterday I attended the final day of Royal Ascot; it is 5 days of horse races where the British come dressed in their finest sip champagne, rub elbows, wave at the Queen and the Royal family and bet on the horse. I’d heard about Royal Ascot since moving to London nearly two years ago and was curious but only decided two days before to get a ticket and go with a group of American expats who thankfully had arranged transportation and gave me all of the important information to get in formation.

I debated whether or not to splurge for the bespoke quintessential outfit for the Queen Anne enclosure but instead I decided to shop my closet and wore a Magashoni silk pant suit that I have had for so long that I consider it to be vintage.  I picked up a neutral cream fascinator in the event that I have the occasion to wear again.  With few exceptions, men and women adhered to the dress code and were dressed to the nines as we watched the Queen’s procession and 6 all races.

We ate, drank, people watched and placed champagne fueled bets between each race.  I bet on the last two races and walked away a net £4.40 lighter but enjoyed the experience overall.  If you happen to visit London during the week of Royal Ascot, I highly recommend that you attend.  It sums up the stereotypical British experience like no other event I’ve ever attended.  I can’t wait to go again better prepared next year.



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