I recently took a spin class during a promotion offered by Psycle in London which has a location near my office in Canary Wharf. The offer was to book one free class and Psycle would credit me with another free class to take within a week. I haven’t taken a spin class in over 10 years. Let’s just say my last experience really turned me off but thankfully spin classes have really evolved since then.

From the moment I walked into the gym I knew my experience was going to be different. The gym was bright and modern with a fresh, clean aesthetic and stepping into the class room was like walking into a night club with neon lights on the ceiling and a soundtrack that made me want to be in the room just to hear the music.  My instructor was Tammy, a beautiful young woman with a background in dance and a body to match. The pace of the class was tough for a near virgin such as myself but Tammy’s energy and stamina along with her positive words of encouragement helped me push harder.

I booked my next class for this evening but something tells me it won’t be my last.


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