I feel like these next few posts should start “sooo…what had happened was”.  I took a few trips earlier this year and I started writing about them but for some reason or another I never finished and posted them and as the months went by I just ignored it all together.  During a conversation with my sister this week she asked me what I was going to do for 10 days without my husband and kids while they are in New York and I mentioned that I would like to update my blog so with her nudging I will finally finish and share these posts about my travels.

Back in February (I know we’re at the end of August, don’t judge me) I took a trip to Prague and I had imagined Prague to be a quintessential old European city full of charm with its castles and shops and restaurants serving authentic Czech food lining narrow cobblestone streets. It was all that and more as I found out when we spent four days there. Prague had been on my list of places to go for the Christmas markets in December but it still did not disappoint in February.

Normally I take charge of the travel logistics but this time my husband took the wheel so I have to give credit where it is due. He selected the very impressive Boho Hotel for its beautiful blend of classic and modern luxury design without pretense. From the moment we entered the reception with its nearby bar and lounge and toured the library, Jacuzzi, steam room and sauna I knew that I would enjoy my stay.

Once we checked in and dropped our bags after our morning flight, lunch was the first thing on our agenda. We chose Meat & Greet, a burger restaurant around the corner from the hotel for its eclectic and contemporary menu and honestly who doesn’t love a good burger. Juxtaposed just footsteps from centuries old landmarks Meet & Greet’s cool modern aesthetic won extra points with us for playing Stevie Wonder’s Songs in the Key of Life cover to cover.

I opted out of any sightseeing with my family on the first day and they carried on while I retired to a long hot bath replete with the best bath gel and salts EVER; I was determined to take Prague at a much slower pace than I usually take to devour cities. To be perfectly honest, European city travel is more of a cultural and educational excursion than a vacation because we’re usually busy visiting museums and landmarks and although we stay at nice hotels we don’t usually do more than sleep there so I don’t fully relax.

On the second day we got out early to take the tram up to Prague Castle. We visited beautiful cathedrals and my children were fascinated by the centuries old armor and weaponry that were displayed inside the castle.

Funny story: We were in one of the cathedrals and my son saw the confessional booth and asked if you can change (clothes) in there. He had never seen one and I flippantly responded that you can change your life. I then explained the purpose of the confessional booth to him but later when writing his homework about what he did for the half-term break he still wrote that he went to a church where you could change your life.

We walked for miles through the castle and then down into the city. At the base of the castle we tasted trdelnik and were hooked for the remainder of the trip. For anyone that has never tried this pastry, imagine a cone shaped pastry that tastes like a less doughy cinnamon pretzel…maybe a little sweeter.   That little treat (and some mulled wine) gave me a boost to keep walking as we crossed the Charles Bridge back into the heart of the city. We stopped and browsed in a few shops along the way and were completely enamored with the fur trapper hats that we had seen in several shops and purchased several. Finally, we found a good little Thai restaurant for dinner and called it a night

The next day was a wandering day as we went back to the town center to see the world’s oldest working astronomical clock and walked to the Charles Bridge to take pictures in full daylight. Thankfully I had worn the hat that I had purchased the day before and quickly realized how practical and warm they were beyond being fabulously stylish because the cold wind was unrelenting. We walked to an art gallery before heading back to Meet & Greet again for a late lunch/early dinner. With still plenty of time left in the evening, we retraced our steps back to the town center and browsed around the area capturing the beauty of Prague after dark. For anyone who has ever been to Disney World it’s easy to see where it drew its inspiration; Prague is truly magical.

Our final day was relaxed and uneventful as we had seen and done all that we wanted to and were content to make our way back to London.   Admittedly, Prague wasn’t high on my list of cities to visit for anything other than the Christmas markets but now I appreciate what a jewel this city is all year round.

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