What if I were single?

As much as I love my husband and children I’ll absolutely cop to having that thought at least once a day. Usually when I’m being interrupted from watching one of my favorite shows for the 12th time in 50 minutes (I watch online without commercials), or when I’m mentally exhausted at the end of a long day at work and I have to muster the creativity to put a miracle on the dinner table when I forgot to take the meat out of the freezer or when I plain ole just don’t feel like being bothered. Well…my husband decided at the last minute to take the kids back home to Brooklyn to visit family before school starts, so for 10 days I’ll be as close as I can remember to finding out the answer to that question ”what if I were single?”

Since my husband only decided on Tuesday to take this trip on Thursday I didn’t have lots of time to put together a solid plan but here are some things that sprang to mind without much thought:

*Disclaimer: I do these things already but in more moderation than I would if I were single and had no children i.e. I go out afterwork on occasion but not usually more than one night per week.

  • Go to the movies – don’t get me wrong, I see movies…mostly animated ones but that counts right? I mean, the theater charges the same price to see Angry Birds as it does to see Bad Moms.
  • Shopping – My wardrobe could use a few updates for Fall and I have no idea what I’m going to wear to a destination wedding that I will be attending in October. I could spend a whole day shopping without diverting to take someone to the bathroom every 30 minutes (my perfectly healthy son has the bladder of a hummingbird).
  • See friends – even without much lead time I was able to put together a few “dates” with friends for cocktails or dinner. Again, I do see my friends but now I actually don’t have to check my husband’s or my kid’s schedules for conflicts or arrange childcare or bring my children and steer the restaurant choice toward one that serves pizza or chicken fingers and fries.
  • Workout afterwork – because I work all day I feel guilty when I don’t come straight home to spend the little time left in the day with my family. Because of this I workout during my lunch break and eat at my desk.
  • Update my (neglected) blog – I have so much I’ve wanted to share about my recent travels but couldn’t make the time without compromising family time or my sanity.

These are just a few ideas…follow my Instastories to see how I get along with living single for the next week.

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