A case of the Mehs

Tonight I helped my kids open their advent calendars (a day late) and I can’t believe it’s already December and coming up on the holidays. Actually I can…and I know exactly what I’ve done with this year. Soon I will recap my 2016 for 100 of my closest family and friends on my Christmas card list as I do annually and I can acknowledge that I’ve made significant progress in my career goals and some personal goals but I’ve completely stalled in some areas. This is partly because I absolutely put too much on my plate so it would take a miracle for me to accomplish it all and partly because I acknowledge that I have been suffering from a case of the mehs. You know that apathetic feeling that allows you to justify why what you’re doing and have done is enough?

Me: You’ve been falling off since June and you haven’t been the gym in a month, you should go…you should also eat better; cut back the caffeine, alcohol and carbs.  You’ll feel better.

Also Me: You started a new role mid-year, plus the kids are each playing on two soccer teams so y0u have much less free time. Besides, you can still fit into your clothes and no one even noticed from your recent vacation photos that you haven’t been sleeping well or working out much.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve done a lot…as you might notice on Instagram; not to mention what I don’t share. See…that’s my inner voice telling me I’m being too hard on myself and that I should cut myself some slack but the truth is I feel off my game a bit.

I’m ready for a new energy in 2017. I’m ready to feel motivated to take on the world and DO IT! I’m ready to wrap up 2016 in a nice pretty holiday card and write down new goals and plans for 2017 and put them in the universe and make them happen. I’m ready to get back to tackling my bucket list, ready to get my mojo back in the gym and my energy level up. I’m ready to be more consistent with my writing because it helps me release some of the thoughts in my head in a productive way.

There are several reasons why I started this blog and I’ve only acknowledged the pressure from family and friends who wanted me to share more about my relocation journey, travels and life abroad with the aim of inspiring others while staying connected back home. I’ve found that through the process of documenting some of that, I’ve found great new connections and tremendous support that helps to bridge the distance of being in a foreign country.

I’m done mourning the Brexit and American Presidential elections and ready to “get on with it” as the Brits say.   I’m ready to “Make 2016 Great Again!”…well, the 29 days left of it anyway.

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