Happy End of Year 2016

I try to end the year with the same high energy that I start it with and continue that momentum into the new year.  In addition to celebrating life with family and friends the year end is a time to finish uncompleted tasks or projects and to plan new goals and strategies for the new year. I think I mentioned before that I keep several goal lists in the notepad of my phone and refer to them often; whether they be places to travel, books to read, skills and interests I want to develop or even restaurants to try…any experience I want to have. My goals tend be experiences rather than things, although I do have a Pinterest board that I update from time to time with ideas like hairstyles, recipes and work outs to try and design inspiration for fashion and home décor.

Every new year I like to reset my email signature tag line with a brief new motivational quote. I feel that it’s a simple way to put into the universe and attract positivity energy and opportunity into my life from the people that I interact with via email. I was speaking with my best friend last night about the theme she planned to set for her life in the new year and I think I will adopt that idea as well.

My theme for 2017 is productivity.

There are many things on my goals list that I don’t devote as much time as I could or want to because I have too many time wasting distractions. The theme belying all of my goals this year is productivity because I want to minimize my procrastination vices and get busier with achieving my goals…at the top of that list is writing more and exercising more.

While I use this time of year to plan new goals for my life in the new year, I also like to take this time to purge some of the old things that take up space and resources. I try to edit my belongings throughout the year shedding clothes that no longer fit physically or fit my evolving style, papers that I no longer need to keep, the kid’s toys and books that they have outgrown. It can be quite a time consuming process but it is necessary for my continued growth to prune the things in my house and my life that don’t serve me anymore or who I want to evolve to be in the new year and beyond.

I will be at home for the next couple of days so in between my end of year purging and organizing, I plan to (finally) share the rest of my travel experiences in 2016 that have been sitting (embarrassingly) in my draft folder for months as well as my career advice for this time of year. I actually have a few other things in my draft folder to share as well and I plan to make some changes in my schedule to increase my productivity and allow time for things that I want to do more of, like writing so hopefully it works and you’ll get to hear more from me *insert sarcastic smile*.

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