Texture Release

I have always had strong, resilient hair like my paternal grandmother.  My hair is relaxed, colored and bleached and it’s only through the power of prayer, Olaplex and a determined and experienced stylist in Sandra Webb that I still have a hair on my head. I was especially brutal with my hair this past summer adding sun, salty beach and chlorinated pool water to the mix and it all began to take its toll. My hair stylist began intensive treatments which immediately stopped the breakage, mostly but I started to think about my alternatives because bald wasn’t the look that I was going for.

I am not ready to give up the color or the blonde so I started researching options that would still allow me to wear my hair straight and that is when my hairstylist introduced me to Avlon’s Texture Release Product. I haven’t relaxed my hair in two months so instead of my regular relaxer today I tried the Texture Release and the experience was great. My stylist washed my hair with the step 1 shampoo, then applied the step 2 releasing lotion and finished with the step 3 thermal protecting mist and blow dried and flat ironed my hair to finish. There was no scalp irritation or burning that can sometimes occur from relaxers and my roots are as straight as my relaxed hair and my hair overall feels soft and healthy.


Unlike Keratin which I considered, Texture Release is not permanent and my hair will revert back to its natural texture after a few months. It’s only day one but I’m happy with the results and in the worst case I can go back to the relaxer without any incremental damage. My goal is to make it through 2017 without a relaxer to build my hair back up from the damage.  Texture Release will hopefully allow me to do that without compromising my straight style as well as offer me more versatility with my natural hair. I will keep you posted as I embark on my “natural” hair journey.

9 thoughts on “Texture Release

  1. Kandace B says:

    Look at you two cuties!!!! Hopefully you factored the harsh London water into the equation. (Speaking from experience!) Glad you’ve found a solution though! 😘

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  2. Carolyn Davis says:

    Resilient. Did you just take that word from our conversation today? 🤓. Your NY hair dresser is going to kill you. I’ll be watching.

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