I have been naturally thin my entire life thanks to genetics, add to that a modest level of fitness activity and maintaining my weight was never something that I had to be conscious about.   However, after having two children coupled with the natural changes in my body as I get older, I can no longer take genetics and youth for granted to stay fit and maintain my body goals.  I have been working out pretty consistently over the past five years and I have tried a variety of workouts, trainers, classes and tools to keep it fun and interesting.

I struggle at times (like today) to stay motivated so I’m sharing a few of my favorites to help inspire you (and me) to add some variety and stay on target with your body goals for 2017:

Top 5 Classes:


  1. Pole dancing – I got all the way to the final level at S Factor which is level 6.  Not only do the 2 hour classes elevate your level of physical fitness but you will definitely find another level of ummm…“enlightenment” when you leave these classes.
  2. Spinning – I used to hate spinning until I took the classes at Psycle London.  The 45 minute classes fly by in their club-like studios with music pumping and instructors that inspire me to push myself until I leave dripping with the sweaty satisfaction of knowing that I just did a killer high calorie burning workout…inner me is like “yeah, you’re pushing 40 and have two kids but you’re still pretty badass”.
  3. Yoga – I haven’t taken a yoga class in several months but I love yoga classes.  Not only is it a low impact, medium intensity workout but it can be very meditative.  I used to go to a small neighborhood class taught by a neighbor when I lived in Brooklyn and I once got so relaxed that I fell asleep…it was beautiful.
  4. Core – I love anything that challenges and builds my core, notice that I didn’t say abs.  After each pregnancy, I suffered with lower back pain but the pain and discomfort subsided once I began to build my core muscles which includes my lower back.  Oh, having sexy abs is nice too.
  5. Barre Burn at Equinox – I’ve taken everything from kettlebells to Vipr to Circuits but nothing compared to this total body workout class that I took religiously every Wednesday on my lunch hour for over a year.  Yuval the instructor used to kick ass and take names but I would be there every Wednesday like a glutton for punishment.




  1. TRX – This is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment that I have ever used.  It’s great for upper body, core and overall conditioning.
  2. Captain’s Chair – I’m disappointed that my current gym doesn’t have one but it is definitely a great way to target lower abdominal muscles which I find the hardest to train.
  3. Jacob’s ladder – I’m a new convert after recently being introduced to it by one of the trainers in my gym.  I love how it responds to my pace and I don’t need a lot of time or intervals to get my heart rate up and feel a burn.

Apps & Gadgets


  1. Fitness Tracker – I have a Fitbit Flex and an Apple watch but if I had to choose one piece of wearable technology for fitness it would be the Fitbit and the app.  I love that it tracks my workouts, steps, water, calories, sleep and I can even participate in group challenges to motivate me along with my other Fitbit friends.
  2. FitStar – Fitbit recently launched a personal training app that suggests workouts based on your current biometric stats and target goals.  It’s even integrated with the Health app on the iPhone which I never used and found to be a little too much of an overshare with my phone.  I’ll be honest that I find virtual training to be less motivating for me but it is better than nothing.
  3. Nike Run Club – I haven’t used this one in a while but I found it helpful with my marathon training since I was training on my own.


Total badasses that inspire me on social media


  1. @massy.arias – I follow her on Instagram where she posts workouts, dietary ideas and general health information
  2. @getfitwithnic_ – I follow her on Instagram as well as Tumblr and last year I purchased a meal and workout plan to add some variety to my routine.  Based in Los Angeles, her posts focus on creative outdoor workouts that don’t require a gym and little equipment.
  3. @teyanataylor – I can’t even explain…google Teyana Taylor if you don’t know.  She recently pre-launched her Fade2Fit workout and guess who signed up…yep, I’ll be right there getting my fitspiration.


I saved the best for last

Get a personal trainer!


I got in the best shape of my life thanks to my trainer and it was absolutely the best money I could have invested in my fitness.  He not only trained my body in the gym but he was also an accountability partner when it came to my diet.  His advice of “don’t undo your results” was simple and still resonates with me today.  Diet, and I don’t mean a program that makes you weigh food or count points, I simply mean the way you eat.   Your food choices, portions and even times of day are just as important if not more so to attain and maintain body goals.  “Don’t undo your results” held me accountable to myself to stay focused on my goals in and out of the gym.

If I were to add my own bit of advice it would be


Don’t give up! Even if you fall off, get back on it.  You will only regret not trying.


I’d love to hear your fitness tips so please do share in the comments.








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