Texture Release – Week 2

So…it’s been 2 weeks since I started a healthier hair journey with Avlon’s Texture Release. The stress of a relaxer, color and bleach were taking its toll on the strength and health of my hair. It has been 2 1/2 months since my last relaxer and I really put the texture release product through its paces. I sweated my hair OUT several times in spin classes and got caught in one of those fine mists that renders an umbrella useless. My unrelaxed, texture released hair reverted and my roots showed up and showed out after the first spin class and I was beginning to have second thoughts, but after a quick root touch up with the flat iron I started to regain faith. My roots straightened easily with just one or two passes of the flat iron and although they weren’t as straight as they would have been with a fresh relaxer I was happy with the result, especially considering that I’m not a professional and I’m not using professional tools.

I only use Moroccan oil on my hair because I don’t like it weighted down and oily and though my hair felt slightly dry it didn’t shed.  I hadn’t put much heat on my hair over the past 2 weeks but I will start using a heat protectant when I do.  Today I went to the salon for a wash and deep condition and again I could see the natural wave in my unrelaxed hair when it was wet. My hair stylist, Sandra Webb blow dried and flat ironed my hair and it feels soft and is full of body. So far I’m happy with the Texture Release and will continue using it.

My only criticism is the faint French onion soup smell that my hair has when it is wet. I first noticed it when I sweat my hair out in spin class and it caught me off guard because it didn’t smell like that when it was first applied. I noticed it again when my hair was washed today and I was told that the smell will dissipate after the first 3-4 washes. My hair doesn’t continue to smell like French onion soup once it is dried but you can imagine the unpleasantness of it while it is wet. I am considering writing to Avlon, the makers of Texture Release to raise my concern.

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