My Favorite Women Podcasts

I am a relatively new podcast listener, it’s been less than a year since a friend introduced me to the podcast world and I have become a huge fan of five women podcast shows that I want to share in honor of Women’s History Month. These women reflect and inspire me with different and interesting perspectives and I listen to them every chance I get which is usually during my commute to and from work, in the grocery store or any other time that I can steal a moment.

  1. The Great Girlfriends – I discovered Brandice Daniel and Sybil Amute’s podcast when a friend back home in New York invited me to their Facebook page and I have been binge listening to their episodes for the past several months. Their down home Southern sweetness mixed with the wisdom and practicality of women who have experienced the highs and lows of careers and entrepreneurship, marriage, motherhood and friendship is relatable and unpretentious. They have also had some amazing special guests that keep me tuned in as well.
  2. My Taught You – I began listening to Myleik Teele as a referral from the Side Hustle Pro. We are close in age and I strongly relate to her “no excuses, pull yourself up by the bootstraps” style; though sometimes I feel like her delivery can be a bit much, I take what I need and leave the rest on the floor as they say. I’ve referred a few of my mentees to her podcast for her straight talk, no chaser approach to life, business and relationships. Also, like the Great Girlfriends, she interviews some amazing guests and her list of book recommendations are on point.
  3. Side Hustle Pro – Nicaila Matthews is the bawse behind Side Hustle Pro where I go to be inspired by the women entrepreneurs who share their journeys and lessons on the road to successful entrepreneurship. Though I am not self-employed, I think of myself as having an entrepreneurial mindset and in time I do see myself taking the leap into full-time entrepreneurship. In the meantime, Side Hustle Pro keeps me inspired as I prepare to take that cliff jump.
  4. Mater Mea – I have listened to all 8 episodes and have been anxiously awaiting the next one for several months. I’m not sure if Anthonia Akitunde is taking a (permanent) break but these episodes delve into the perpetual conversation about if and how women can successfully balance motherhood with career. As a career woman this is obviously pertinent to me but Anthonia even examines the other side of the equation for women who have decided not to become mothers.
  5. Yes, Girl – The new kids on the block from Essence magazine which offers conversations with celebrities featured on the pages of Essence. As of this post there have only been 2 episodes aired and I think that they are still working out the kinks but the premise promises to be a light and fun listen which is sometimes what you need at the start or end of a heavy day.

Do you have any favorite podcasts hosted by women?

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