Hair Color + Treatment = Healthier Hair

I visited my hairstylist this past weekend for a roots color touch-up. This was the first time that I have had my hair colored since using the Texture Release. My hair didn’t shed or break, which it usually doesn’t but I was curious what effect if any the Texture Release might have. My stylist mixed my hair color with Goldwell’s Bond Pro (similar to Olaplex which I’ve also used in the past) to strengthen my hair as she colored it. She always mixes a strengthener with the color  to minimize any damage.

I put my hair through a lot of stress (relaxer, color and bleach) so it definitely needs some regular tlc to keep it strong. I (almost) always get a treatment when I go to the salon, which is every two weeks. Treatments are even more important now as I am transitioning from a relaxer since breakage most often occurs at the point where the relaxed and natural hair meet.

Whether your hair is natural, relaxed, colored, bleached, weaved, braided or some combination of these, your hair can always use a boost from a good treatment. Talk with your stylist about strengthening treatments to see what products that they recommend. Invest in the maintenance of your hair and splurge for the extra treatment to ensure that your hair is as strong and healthy as it can be.


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