Happy Birthday to me and A Journey of 1000 Miles!

Yesterday marked TWO YEARS since I started sharing my travel, career and life stories on this blog. It started as a way to remain connected to friends and family in New York after I moved to London and thousands of views later has grown to reach people in 67 countries. I truly appreciate that people take the time to read and sometimes even comment on my stories.

Please help me celebrate by leaving a comment to let me know where you’re reading from.



6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to me and A Journey of 1000 Miles!

  1. Shaquita says:

    Hi Ahtis! I’ve been reading your blog for the last year and I absolutely love your posts! They’re simple reminders of not limiting my travels due to being a mother or allowing the world to dictate where we are allowed to be ourselves. Thanks for sharing your journey 🙂
    ~Shaquita from Wisconsin

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    1. Ahtis says:

      Hi Shaquita! Your words mean so much to me, thank you. I feel an even stronger responsibility to travel now that I’m a mother to show my kids that they belong everywhere and can be anything…no limits! I will keep sharing and thank you for reading. ❤️


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