Packing it in

Much like my trip’s itinerary, last week was packed (pun intended) with a full work week as usual with a twist, a friend’s birthday celebration on Friday night and an early flight to Italy on Saturday morning. This required an extra level of organization and preparation to pack in advance. Thankfully my days of packing for small children are behind me and they mostly pack themselves but I’ve shared some of my packing tips in my insta-stories last week and here on the blog before but I’ll expand on them here.

  • I prefer to travel with only a carry-on suitcase for a short trip (less than a week). Nothing to check, nothing to lose. This may have been the hardest challenge ever but I left room in my suitcase to bring a few things back. Who can go to Italy and not shop?  It helps that the weather will be hot so I was able to bring small outfits.  I actually packed outfits for three days including shoes and purses, pajamas and a bathing suit with room to spare.  Always pack a bathing suit just in case an expected spa or pool opportunity presents itself. 😉

  • I’ve said this before but it warrants repeating; keep a pre-packed toiletry bag with travel sized toiletries in a clear quart sized bag readily accessible in your carry on bag for quick and easy security screening. Nothing is more frustrating at 5:30AM than to be pulled off the security check line to have the contents of your suitcase autopsied, your expensive creams tossed in the garbage and having to repack your disheveled bag under the scrutiny and judgement of annoyed security officers and passengers because you’ve held up the line.

  • Charge all of your devices and bring the charging cords and an adapter/power converter depending on your destination. A quick google search will help you discover your electrical requirements and a pit stop in the airport will sort you out with the requisite adapters.

  • Last but definitely not least, BRING YOUR PASSPORT if you are traveling outside of the country. I had a close call once where I nearly left my passport. I got in the taxi and the driver asked me if I had everything, he even asked me if I had my passport as we reached the end of my street. I suddenly realized that I took it out but didn’t put it in my purse. Thank God he asked me, really what are the odds? Those would’ve been some real tears had I gotten to the airport 45 mins from my house only to realize that I didn’t have my passport.

Bonus: take a picture of your passport and any important travel documents in the event that they are unfortunately lost or stolen.

Travel safe ❤️✈️

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