The Perfect Red Lip

I was recently late for a friend’s birthday celebration dinner because I couldn’t find my favorite matte red lip stain. This is not just any lip stain, it is my go-to, bad-ass in a bottle. I nearly went into a panic because it’s not sold in the U.K. so it’s not easily replaceable. I reluctantly left the house wearing a nude lipstick that I quickly regretted when it was picture time. On my way to the restaurant I did a full forensic analysis of my camera roll to determine the last time I wore it and what bag I was carrying. I eventually found it and vowed that I would buy several “back ups” on my next trip outside of the U.K. in case of future loss.

It’s been a staple in my beauty war chest for years. I get compliments on it all the time and I’ve recommended it to friends and strangers alike. Want to know what it is? Sephora lip stain in color 01 and I just restocked during my recent trip to Italy.  It’s a pure red (not orangey), it lasts all day and it makes teeth look 10 shades whiter. I don’t usually wear much make up and I spend 5 minutes or less on most days but if I’m really pressed for time then I’ll just throw on my Sephora lip stain and sunglasses and instantly look put together in 30 seconds.

What’s your favorite beauty product that you can’t live without?
💋 Ahtis

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