Reclaiming my time

Today we’re observing Memorial Day in the US, or May Bank Holiday as I used to observe in my former UK expat life and I am up early.  So what, right?

Well, last night while watching real estate and design porn on YouTube (I’ll share more about that another time) I came across Ryan Serhant’s vlogs, which ironically led me to down a rabbit hole of financial and life hack videos like this one from Garen Phillips.  I low key, geek out about this type of stuff, so just wanted to share a good reminder that pushed me out of my bed earlier than usual this morning, and that’s about the value of my time.  There are 1,440 minutes in each day and getting up earlier means that I am finding the time to write this, something that I’m trying to become more consistent with again. 

Quarantine life has relaxed a lot of the structures that I used to manage my time. Longer work hours because there is no commute time, not to mention the boundary between work and home is blurred when it’s all happening in the same space at the same time have left me feeling as though I have less personal time.  Starting my day a little earlier might be a step in the direction of reclaiming my time and capturing some lost personal time and productivity.

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