Algarve Portugal


I’m back to tell you about another trip that I took this past June to Algarve, Portugal to celebrate a friend’s birthday. She set the tone with a “Bad & Boujee” theme which it absolutely lived up to. We left London on Saturday morning and arrived in Algarve, Portugal where temperatures topped 90 degrees farenheit for the four-day celebration. We kicked of the festivities with a beautiful yellow and white dinner party held at a villa where we ate, drank and danced until the wee hours of the morning.

We sailed along the Algarve coast at sunset on two yachts as we sipped champagne and relaxed before anchoring to allow a few of my brave friends to take a quick dip in the ocean. We pulled back into port a few hours later greeted by the stares of many diners at the restaurants that lined the marina probably wondering who we are. We then headed off to dinner at a beautiful rooftop restaurant.

I got to test out my DJ skills during a pool party at the villa, which I have to say and others at the party agreed that I was pretty good, especially considering I hadn’t planned or prepared a set and I just played the music that I like. In between all of the festivities I still found time to relax at the beach as well as walk around and explore the area surrounding the marina. It was a great trip and I would highly recommend a visit to Algarve Portugal.

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