Back on the workout wagon

Since the New Year began, I have gotten back on the workout wagon more consistently. I organize and plan every area of my life in such detail that when it comes to working out I’m tapped out. I’m like a sheep in the gym; just tell me what I have to do and I’ll do it. I’m happy to have a trainer or instructor plan a work out for me so that I can just focus my energy on going as hard as possible without dying.  Put me in a class or with  a trainer and I GO HARD!  It’s not pretty…the sweating, panting and grunting…very unpretty.

On my own its a different story, I’m watching the clock and totally disheartened by the fact that only 7 seconds has passed since my last time check.  So when January rolls around and competition for a spot in a class at my gym is impossible, I have to muster an extra level of motivation to work out on my own and to keep going even when no one is counting and pushing me for more reps or 15 more seconds. For the past month, I have consistently worked out in the gym 2-3 times per week and I feel so much better. Even a 30 minute quickie workout is better than nothing and I am starting to see and feel the results.

To up the ante, I recently took advantage of an amazing promotion at Psycle London to book 3 classes for the price of 1. You might remember when I tried Psycle for the first time last summer and how they turned my attitude about spinning from hate/hate to love/hate.  I’m not at love/love yet which is why I hadn’t been back in so long but I’m one step closer after returning to class last week and remembering how cool their studios are. I have another class booked for tomorrow after work and I think I might even book the 3rd class for later in the week. Call me crazy but I’m even thinking about signing up for their February 2 for 1 class promotion because it’s such a good deal.

I’ll admit, attending classes at the full price of £20 a pop can get pricey pretty quickly, especially on top of my gym membership. But burning 500+ calories in 45 minutes is pretty hard to discount and it’s certainly something that I can squeeze in every now and again to give me a quick boost.


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