Focused Challenge Crusher…

That’s what my cousin once called me, and I certainly felt motivated to live up to the title when I found out last month that my favorite spin gym, Psycle was running a challenge  to complete 12 rides within 1 month to receive five free rides.  The challenge was a good incentive to increase my fitness level and just in time for my birthday next week, while taking advantage of a good deal. This package equates to 17 rides at nearly half the price of what they would’ve cost individually. I call that a win/win.

When I started the challenge in early April, I really struggled to ride throughout the class nonstop but by the 12th ride it was much easier which means that my endurance is increasing and I’m getting stronger, YAY!  The classes are still a good challenge and I’m really proud of the progress that I’ve made in spinning.

I have to be honest and say that I have not seen a change in my weight or size but I definitely feel fitter which was one of my goals. Based on my own fitness experience, I know that I need to target specific areas of my body as well as total body in order for me to truly see the results that I’m looking for.  This will require a varied routine consisting of more than spinning. I did add in a few classes like kettle bells and high intensity interval training to mix it up but I wasn’t consistent.

A friend recently invited me to a class at Barry’s Boot Camp. The website claims that I could burn up to 1000 calories or more in an hour.  That sounds intense but I’m intrigued so I plan to check it out soon and of course I’ll let you know what I think so stay tuned for updates as I prepare to get summertime fine 😉.

​​Celebrating the completion of the 12 ride challenge.

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